The Kansas City Curling Club offers many programs for people new to the sport and experienced.  Check us out and grow your skills  by playing with us.


Give the Gift of a Learn to Curl

12/20/21 4:00 pm - 7/1/26 6:00 pm

Dont' have a date you want to do it yet, but want to give the gift of curling to someone for the holidays or special event.  Receive a code that they can use when they are ready to signup.


Curling Handle Engraved

5/4/23 1:00 am - 10/1/24
Curling Handle Engraved

Stone Handle Engraved

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Canvas at Curling Club June 7th - Mountain Bear

6/7/24 6:30 pm -9:30 pm
Canvas at Curling Club June 7th - Mountain Bear

Create a beautiful canvas painting while following along with our wonderful instructor. 

League/Season Registration

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