Clinics, Practice, Play

All of these options are dependent on space availability and are for people who have previous playing experience.  Only offered during scheduled league play or on special occasions.

Clinic, Practice and Open Plays Availability

There are no events posted at this time. Check back soon or contact us a if you have a question.


Practice Ice is available for after each clinic for one hour or for the full 1.5 hours when a clinic is not offered   Working on your own, It is free to all league curlers otherwise $10.  Instructor maybe available on request.


Clinics are composed of 30 minutes of off ice discussion followed by 30 minutes of specific targeting on ice training.  We will focus on target aspects of the delivary and sweeping to help improve  your game.  These are great for those playing in a league that want to put in a little more work. Contact our Learn to Curl Chair and we will set up a clinic when time allows.  League curlers can pay $5 otherwise it is $15.

Play a Match

Those who cannot commit to a league are welcome to play when they can if space is available.  Some spots maybe posted here but if you also create a curling profile, you can join our spare and free agent list depending on your interest.


$15 / Each Time
  • $5 if you are a current or past league curler
  • Offered when space is available

Play a Match

$25/ Each Time
  • Free if you are playing in a simultaneous league
  • Offered when space is available


$10 / Each Time
  • Free if you are a current or past league curler
  • Offered when space is available