If you have been interested in trying curling, this is your starting point!  Our club is open to everyone, and offers a number of ways to build your skills. Curlers usually start around 8 years old, and can play well beyond their 80's.  Our leagues are open to anyone regardless of experience.

Due to the delays in the construction of our new building, we are not currently offering Learn to Curl classes at this time.  However, if you are interested in giving curling a try this Fall, you have the option to join our Beginner/Novice League.  This league is open for people who have 3 years or less of curling experience.  

After creating a profile, you you can purchase the $50 introductory membership into our club.  Once you are a member, you can sign up for our Beginner/Novice League by clicking on the button below. 

Create a curling profile

By logging into our website you can help us best understand your curling interest,  communicate with others in the club,  play a pickup game by joining  our sub list, reserve a spot on avaialble practice ice, follow club news and  track you league times.

Safety First

Just like any other sport, injuries can happen in curling. This is why we want you to take safety seriously, and we encourage you to read all of the following information below before you get started.

What to Bring


Signed Waiver

Before participating, all persons will be required to sign a waiver.  You can print, sign, and bring the waiver with you found below, or fill one out at the rink.


Proper Footwear

Soft rubber soled shoes, such as athletic shoes, that have grip on a smooth surface are an essential part to minimize falling.  Please try not to wear hard soled shoes, cowboy boots, snow boots, or any shoe that leaves the ice feeling slippery.


Layered Comfortable Clothing

You would want to wear clothing that you can move around in comfortably.  Curling can also feel cold when you first start but, after sweeping it can get quite hot, so you would want the option to shead layers.


Helmets Optional

Our club has a few helmets should you want the additional safety, however you are welcome to bring your own.  While most people are able to avoid hitting ones head on the ice, it has happened and a helmet may give you another layer of protection your first time out.


Equipment Provided

We have brooms and sliders within our club for your use.

Ice can be slippery, and falling is a possibility.