Curling is for anyone  from 8ish to 80ish and beyond.  If physically fit,  just about anyone can curl.  Our clubs recent growth has also included....

Wheelchair Curling
Kevin Bye is our first wheelchair curler and we love having him.  In wheelchair curling a stick is used for delivery while a team member steadies the wheelchair.  Sweeping is done by the other teammates and if it is a full team of wheelchair curlers then no sweeping is done.  This of course increases the difficulty of the shot.  Being a wheelchair curler takes a great amount of skill, come out and watch Kevin curl during regular leagues.  More information on wheelchair curling can be found here.

Kids Curling

We currently have three kids that have recently become a part of our curling club.  James Barrie, Kimball Uphoff, and Mason Greasby bring a new life to the club.  James and Kimball have been with us since March and Mason joined us this summer.  Mason joined with his dad making this a family affair for them.  All three of these young gentleman have already shown great improvement in their skills and can very well be the future of our clubs.  Can you say Olympics 2030?