Line Creek Community Center

5940 NW Waukomis Drive,
Kansas City, Missouri 64151

Category: Our Club
  • Local Bonspiel
  • 5 sheets of curling
  • Stones provided
  • brooms provided
  • Curling scoreboard
  • Competition

Club Officers

Dan White:  816-582-4025
Vice President
Don Baker:  913-962-2245
Ian Wolfe: 913-677-4668
Sarah Wruck: 816-522-6691

Board of Directors

Don Baker: 913-962-2245 (1st)
Bill McBride: 816-806-1732 (2nd)
Curtis Mulllen:913-254-7168 (2nd)
Wayne Osborn: 913-962-9768 (2nd)
Kristen Regher: 785-691-6656 (1st)
Dan White: 913-341-4025 (1st)
Ian Wolfe: 913-205-6945(1st)
Sarah Wruck: 816-522-6691 (2nd)

Committee Chairs

Social and Fundraising
Kyle Baker: 913-962-2245
Lucie Vaillencourt: 913-677-4668
Membership & Communications
Bill McBride H&W: (816)523-2345 
Ice and Equipment
Wayne Osborn: 913-962-9768
Jeff Grobe: 913-894-6904
League & Bonspiels
Chris Baker: 816-516-4726
Building Committee
Lucie Vaillencourt: 913-677-4668

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5940 NW Waukomis Drive,
Kansas City, Missouri 64151

Club Phone 816-806-1732
Club Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Club Fax 816-523-2345
Mailing Address
18 West 59th Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64113

Test your Curling Knowledge --- What is (a) ...

Lose Handle

A stone that loses its initial rotating motion during its travel down the rink.