Why Build?  You have a club.

While curling on "Figure Skating/Hockey  Ice" helps us maintain and grow interest in Kansas City.  Any curler who has played  on  ice dedicated just for curling will quickly appreciate the many advantages in addition to the 3 very important critaria  list here.

  • 24/7 ice for leagues, bonspiels, regional and national competitions, lesson times, practice times, and corporate outings,  rather then 3 hours we rent a week on late Saturday or early Sunday in the winter.  Getting ice during the week has been next to impossible.
  • greater flexibility to offer cheaper rates and more time for such things as youth programs, daytime curling, longer league times.  Currently, we  renting ice at $250 per hour.  Normal clubs curl typ. 2 hours while we curl 1.5 hours to manage costs.
  • better ice - Our  current ice is fine for playing but a dedicated curling rink is the difference between playing baseball on a highly manicure Royals Kaufman stadium field vs an ordinary  field you just mowed the grass to allow for play. ie the ball has a higher predicable path each time it contacts the field.

Who we are?

Having maintained a club nearly 10 Years (2003),  Our Club is renewing its effort to bring dedicated curling ice to the Midwest and be the first dedicated ice curling club in our region.

  • All Volunteer 501(c)3  Not-for-Profit Organization .
  • Currently Average 45-75 curlers a year in 2 leagues during our winter season on a Saturday night and early Sunday morning.
  • Community reached of 200 people ( contact us and participate in club activities) in 2009,  800+ in 2010 (olympic year-could have been more but ice time was limited) 330 in 2011, and 280 in 2012
  • 2600 overall participants and interested parties in our database.
  • Have a yearly bonspiel of 18-28 teams where more than half are from out of town.
  • We are seeking to become a much larger club of 300-600 members on 3-5 curling sheets.
  • Regionally,  There are clubs in Omaha, Drake University (Iowa), St. Louis(MO), Springdale (AK),  Tulsa (OK), Oklahoma City (OK), Dallas (TX), Houston (TX),  Austin (TX), and Denver (CO)  All curl on the same type of ice.  So providing ice like this would be helpful for our region.  Map of Curling Club in the US


So How do we get there?

Curling Basics - All  curling club with dedicated ice have some form of these essential areas. 

  • The Ice Shed (A single large room that contains all curling sheets and can be kept cold to just above 32 degrees)
  • The Warm Area (  Heated space containing a Viewing Area , Table/Dining (Social), Kitchen, Restrooms, Lockers, Office, Storage) 
  • The Ice Plant (Mechanical and long term storage for equipment)  An area close to the rink for Interior/ Exterior equipment.

Curling  Facts:  The following facts create challenges and unique opportunities for other agencies or group that can cooincide with us

  • Typical clubs Operate from the beginning of October to the end of March.   Few offer year round play though more are offering  extended play by a month or two to meet demand. (usually centered around Olympic years.)  This mean the 4-6 months out of the year the facility is open to alternative uses.
  • Curlings  long history in the US ( 1880's)  and an even longer history in Scotland (1580's) show curling club in northern locations that can support outdoor ice in the winter months.  Modern advances have found economical ways to operate artifical indoor ice in warmer climates since outside of Columbus Curling Club, the Chesapeake Curing Club and the Potomac Curling Club,  We will be one of furthest southern curling club in the US.  Therefore any structure  undertook should include  a well build,  insulated ice shed to help maintain an efficient low cost system.
  • The majority of clubs in the US are 2-3 curling sheets, though 4-5 sheets have more flexibility and revenue potential at not much more cost in construction.  Some clubs are little more than glorified barns, some have partnered with other businesses (ice shed have been used for golf course storage and charging, in community centers, hall rentals, ) or government departments, some rent space, and a few build new buildings.  Larger club may have a few paid staff members but in the large part the club depends on it dedicate membership and board to run.
  • Each Sheet is roughly 14'-2 to 16'-5 wide and 142' to 152' long.  Separating the outside sheet from the outside wall by min. 3 feet is preferred to avoid a dip in the ice due to latent heat generated by the outside wall  Sheets can be divided  to allow existing column spacing (ie 30-35 on spans) 
  • Normal Ceiling Height is all that is needed since stone typically stay on the ice.   Though a higher ceiling could be made for summer activities like basketball, volleyball, tennis. etc.
  • Ice Making - piping below the rink  can be placed within the floor (concrete, sand or  loose fill) or laid on top in either a temporary or permanent installation.  Existing floors may require topping of sand or concrete to level floor since a level floor is essential for low operating costs.
  • Assuming a minimum of amenities each sheet represents about 3500 sq.ft needed for all the activities of curling including warm room and mechanical.
  • The Ice Shed typically is a windowless room which help maintain temperature and  humidity fluctuations. Giving higher priority in maintaining quality ice.  This means the club can be located in a basement, parking garage or less desirable space.  However if windows are important for the alternative use.  they should be designed so they can be covered in an insulated way to avoid unwanted air movement , radiant heat or direct sunlight.
  • Warm Rooms usuallyl have a large window overlooking the rink.  As for the extent of the Warm Room, the extend is typically limited by the budget, ultimately, it should be inviting to keep people around before and after their match and can be a source of additional revenue to the club.
  • Parking -  Since only 8 people can play on one sheet.  16 spot per sheet should handle the majority of parking at the facility.  with only a few weekend bonpsiel requiring some additional  spots due to greater activity at the club at one time.


Powerpoint  Link to powerpoint presentation.


Local examples of possible curling club locations

These video examples are not in the works nor negotiated with the potential parties involved,  but simply provided as an exercise of how a curling club  might provide a richer experience when combined with established locations and activities.  Hopefully they will inspire you enough to contact us and let us know your plans and how we might make a better fit in your neighborhood.

Warehouse (Rent/Buy/Build)

The lowest upfront cost way of starting a curling club is Renting a warehouse.  Rather than the ice system placed in concrete.  Sand can be used to level the floor upon which insulation and the roll out matt piping system can be placed on the floor.  This method would preclude the use of the Ice Shed during the  off season.  A member in the club had offered at one time the potential to expand on his existing warehouse so this design is new construction but any warehouse with the proper column spacing and length can be considered.   Warehouses offer low rent that will be challenging for a new and growing club but once established  can be achieved despite the fact that the space will not be used more than 6 or 8 month our of a year.

Relevant Example:  Columbus Curling Club (2008) (Website) (Construction Photos) (Location Map) rents space and build just enough to get started. and has added more each year.  Evergreen Curling club (2012) (Website) (Construction Blog) (Location Map)

Line Creek Community Center (has an Ice Rink and where we currently curl at.)

Line creek was designed as a summer pool use facility and 11 month  ice facility.  The pools however was closed due to low revenue and budget cuts.  With ice at a premium in the winter  The thought is to  remove the pool and open up more time on the one hockey rink by adding a practice rink primarily for figure skating and 2,3,or 4 curling sheets.  Curling doesn't require a Zamboni but can share the retrofitted, upgrade compressor for making the ice.  The reality is curling doesn't require another ice rink,  Compressor demands are less for curling and providing their own  is typical.    Any community center seeking a large summer space from April to September could benefit from adding a curling club to their facility.

Relevant Examples: 

Crown Center Pavillion

With the Crown Center Skating rink in the winter, adding a covered pavilion that can be opened up in the summer (Friday night concerts, Octoberfest) and closed up in the winter would make a unique experience to the sport of curling and Crown Centers outdoor events in the summer.  Sliding Windows and be open for the public and closed for private parties  The site is a tight fit so the warm room typically locate a the end of the rink was place on the  side to help reducing its overall length to 150-155''.

Relevant Examples: 

  • Duluth Curling Club (Website)(Ice Shed Photo)(Location Map) is location in Pioneer Hall of the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center.  Has 8 sheet of ice from Nov. to March and doubles as additional convention space in the summer.
  • Madison Curling Club (Website)(Location Map)  this 6 sheet  club is available off season for wedding receptions, class reunions, graduation, anniversary and birthday parties. The clubroom may be rented separately for business meetings, corporate team building outings, and banquets
  • Aksarben Curling Club was in a cattle building on the county fairgrounds.  Large Temporary Walls were put up each year within  the facility and the floor was painted and cleaned to allow for 2 sheets of curling.   Aksarben unfortunately, sold off the fairground the land and the curling club is seeking a new home.

Overland Park Soccer Complex

The soccer complex is quite the vast complex but offers little in  cover space for large groups of people.  The curling facility in the months of April to September could offer protection from weather,  a sign up, registration, staging area,  mess hall or rental for whatever the soccer or governing body needed, whatever the feel appropriate.  Fit snugly between the adjacent parking and a soccer field outer boundry, this clubs impact would be minimal in parking during it months of operation as outlined in the shadded blue areas.

Relevant Example: Wausau Curling Club,  (Website)( Location Map) nearing the end of their fundraising campaign,  this 8 sheet club will begin construction in the 2012. and is being thought of as an anchor within a future soccer complex.

Antioch Park

This design is center around using public land and an  existing parking.  Relocating a basketball court either inside the facility and replacing the deteriorating restrooms.  The Curling Club would operate the facility primarily from October to March while the parks department could rent out the various spaces (media room, warm room, ice shed (Athletic courts)  Antioch park is know a place for  Weddings  and summer camps.  The area in the corner of the park entertains sporting activities including shuffleboard and tennis  All  who could benefit from the use of  the building. 

Relevant Example:  Midland Curling Club, Michigan (Website Construction) (Location Map).  Built in 2008, this club opporates on County land and coordinate activities with the Midland Community Center.  Though is a seperate building on their campus.

Brookside Tennis Courts

Like Antioch, this is also public land,  Unfortunately this site is  too tight to offer but a bare bones club if that.  It would require a varience since the setback on brookside is also less than that on adjacent setbacks.  However it does provide a covered tennis court during the summer and potential space for the annual brookside art festival, a gym space for the neighboring shool and rental space for the neighborhood or business.


Other Clubs Looking ahead


Denver Curling Club  -  Fundraising/Building Campaign

Lone Star Curling Club (Austin, TX)  - Buidling Campaign

Pittsburgh Curling Club - Building Committee

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