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Summer 6 week Curling League - for all Levels, individuals, friends or teams.

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As these new curlers caught on camera by the Kansas City Star can attest. "Curling is good fun"

Starting June 4th, curl from 4:15pm (4:30pm-6:00pm).  Join our 6 week league, or learn and play when you can.

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6 Week Sat. 4:30pm Summer League
Sat, Jun 4, 2016 4:15 pm
Learn to curl
Sat, Jun 4, 2016 4:15 pm
Play a Match
Sat, Jun 4, 2016 4:15 pm
KC Barbecue Bonspiel
Fri, Aug 5, 2016 5:00 pm

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Next full 6 week league starts June 4th


Our Summer League is on Saturday. Typically starts at 4:15pm.  More Details to come.

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KC Barbecue Bonspiel (Early August)

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