KC Merchandise

All money goes to support the curling club. If you are interested in purchasing any of these items you can either do so when we meet for curling or call us at 816-523-2345,  let us know your phone number, what item , size you want and we will confirm if we have that size in stock. There will be $5 shipping and handling charge on all mailed purchases. No charge if you pick it up at the rink when we curl.

Club Founding Pin

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Club Pin
Created to celebrate our first year we curled. This 1" pin is our clubs crest with red and black field color and gold looking outlining
Club Pin Side

Members Price:$3

95 Sweatshirt and T-Shirt

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The Sweatshirt was created prior to us ceasing operations. We have limited stock of these items in both sweatshirts and T-Shirts call first. Sweatshirt Shown.

Sweatshirts: Price:$30
Members Price:$25

Members Price:$15

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