The 10th Annual Barbecue Bonspiel is in the books.  We are getting just too good at this.

Debbie on TrainDebbie McCormicks Proshop did quite well  selling Goldline merchandise to lots of new and aspiring curlers.  So much so that the club recieved a  $250 merchandise credit as a thank you.

All 24 teams, participated.   Of note,  We were represented by a fair number of  clubs in the newly formed Mid America Curling Association (MACA).  This region includes the following states:  Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana.  This union of curling clubs will put us over 750 members in our region and gives us 2 votes at General Assemblies.

The newly formed,  Cedar Rapids Curling Club was represented by past members of our club who helped us restart our club in 2003,.  We wish them good curling  as they push forward.

Our furthest curlers came from Utica (NY) and Petersham (MA). Several clubs were very well represented including five teams from Wauwatossa and three from Oklahoma.  Dallas  has returned 4 times running.  While the Dakota Curlers sit at 3 years in a row.   All in all, we want to thank all the teams that have made our spiels as much fun for us as we hope it was for  them.  For a complete list go to

A special shout out must go to the helpers that make it look so easy.  Lucy Valliencourt, and her crew (Food).  Chris Baker who oversaw and put the program together,  Chris Nazar Don Baker , Kyle Baker and Sarah Wruck who pulled in the most money for a raffle ever.  Dan White, Jeff Miles and Crew who oversaw the ice prep. and Most importantly,  Dave Huston who put in all the hard work bringing us the tastiest barbecue to date.

The following are the results   The full bracket breakdown can be viewed here.

  • 1st Event Winner - 3 Toonies + a  Loonie: Kansas City (MO) Ian Wolfe, Lucie Vaillancourt. John Taylor, Ted Brown
  • 1st Event Runner Up - Caution: DFWCC Ahead: Dallas Fort Worth (TX) Steven Walton, David Chang, Chris Alt, Bill Sadoo
  • 2nd Event Winner - Brisket is Better: Houston (TX) / Park City (UT) / Kansas City (MO) , David Franklin (TX), Dave Stigant (TX), Steven Butler (UT), Nate Clevenger (MO)
  • 2nd Event Runner Up - I Swept With Your Wife: Wauwatosa (WI) Neil Freund, Paul Fischer, Rebecca Nguyen, Tiff Reilly
  • 3rd Event Winner - Sweeping Penguins: Kansas City (MO) Chris Nazar, Don Baker, Kyle Baker, Eddie Wiegers
  • 3rd Event Runner Up - TWAIN Crew: Aksarben (NE) David Steinhauser, Randy Kruger, Doug Moore, Matt English
  • 4th Event Winner  -  The Sheeters Full: Wauwatosa (WI) Casey Clark, Tracey Clark, Steve Greasby, Beau Moore
  • 4th Event Runner Up - 3 Timer and the Scrubs: Madison (WI) / DFW (TX) / Kansas City (MO) Debbie McCormick (WI), Sean Chastain (TX), Matt Mayfield (MO), Chris Hutchings (MO)
  • Bronze Medal Winner -Dakota Cubs: Dakota (MN) / St. Paul (MN) Ryan Claussen, Tom Berg, Craig Creeger, St. Paul, Matt Heile
  • Bronze Medal Runner Up - Rectal Raincoats: Mayfield (OH) / Fort Wayne (IN) / Columbus (OH) / Kansas City (MO)  Julia DiBaggio (OH), Tom Israel (IN), Eric Johnson (OH), Patrick Weitekamp (MO)



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