So you want to try curling? (2)

So you want to try to curl......
  • Come to an Open House -  here we focus simply on sldiding a stone.
  • Take a Learn to Curl class  - This is a one time visit offered at various times and posted within a few weeks they are offered.
  • Join a league -  We recommend to all, since you will get a better understanding of this complex game than i one time visit.
When you join us, you will find that curling is more challenging than it looks (though with time and patiance, most anyone can become good at it).  You will be sore in places you didn't know who had. (Curling is great for those who need to strengthen their lower body and core)  Sweeping can be quite arobic and exhausting (for those who give it their all).  For your brain, you will pick up alot of the nuouses the more you play,  as well as develop a sound strategy to shot selection (experience can really help)  But most importantly,   curling is nice social group.  (shaking hands, wishing them a good game, and commisorating over our favorite beverage afterwards)

The nice thing about curling is that it requires nothing other than what most people already own.  (Rubber soled shoes, and layered loose fitted clothes)

We Typically offer 2 times in the Winter month (October - April)  breaking it into 3 six week league in our 20 week winter season,   In 2011,  we curled Saturday Evening 7:00p-8:30p  and Sunday Morning 9:15a-10:45a and average roughly 14 teams total.   offer one session in the summer (June-July).  We also have a yearly Bonspeil (Weekend Competition) in August and a Free Open House in early October.

Though the reality is we will add more time should the interest be there so feel free to join our email noticafation list to learn more as we add programs.

Do I need a team?
No, the majority of signee are individuals, though we do have partial and full teams signup.

Is there a beginner program?   How old do I need to be?
Our club combines everyone,  young/old,  male/female, experienced/beginner.  There is no better way to learn than with those who know how to play.  The more you do it the better you get and eventually, it will be your turn to show the next beginner.

Can I practice?
Maybe,  We only offer two sessions in the winter and one in the summer.  So if a session has one of it 5 sheet available  then you can.  But the reality is you learn more from playing.  It takes time.

Can anyone play?
Curling is an ice sport, and like anysport there is some degree of risk.  Curler come in many sizes and shapes, typically starting around 10 (need to be big enough to slide 40lbs of rock) and playing the rest of their life.  We have had wheelchair curler play with us recently.  Curling is physical, so one should be fit,  ailments like bad backs, knees, ankles have kept people from curling but we do have a stick device for delivaring the stone should that person not want to slide with the rock.  In the end, it is up to you.

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The round scoring area, 12 feet in diameter, with concentric circles 1, 4, and 8 feet in diameter.