2014 KC Barbecue Bonspiel Teams

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Bonspiel Teams

For the most part this is who has committed for this weekend.  I will update if necessary.  See you then.  Bracket can be seen here 

 We Ain't From Around Here
 Atlanta, Owatonna
Chris Hyde (At)
Hannah Scheidl (At)
Shawn Slane (Ow)
Cheryl Slane (Ow)  7pm Fri.Draw 
  Rink Floyd
 Cedar Rapids, Kansas City
Lon Peper (CR)
Mike Erin (KC)
Phil Burian (CR)
Storm Ziegler (CR)   7pm Fri.Draw
•  Flying Rocks
 Kansas City
Ricky Chitwood
Kara Jorgensen
Jordan Sheer
Nate Percell             7pm Fri.Draw
 Liquor in the Front, Porker in the Rear
 Potomac, Plainfield, Toronto
Brian Ewart (PO)
Greg Fidler (PL)
Jen Weir (PL)
Jake Bailey (TO)      9pm Fri.Draw
•  The Blind Squirrels
St. Paul,  Kansas City
Mike McCullough (SP)
Jeff Keal (KC)
Leigh Palmer (KC)
Grant Sarris (KC)    7pm Fri.Draw
 Guardians of the Granite
 Cedar Rapids
Martha Marple
Murray Marple
Mac Marple
Bill Mitchell             7pm Fri.Draw
 Walker Texas Ranger
Taryn Anderson
Wes Simonis
Emmalee Nichols
"TC" Tarun Chaudry7pm Fri.Draw
 • Half-Full or Half-Numpty
 Kansas City, Omaha
Brian Foree (KC)
Stacy Foree (KC)
David Steinhauser (Om)
Keith Briscoe(KC)   9pm Fri.Draw
  Team Sealand
 Dakota, St. Paul
Matt Heile (Da)
Ryan Claussen  (Da)
Tom Berg (Da)
Craig Creeger  (St) 5pm Fri.Draw
 Die Roten
 St. Louis
Steve Young
Keefe Davis
Nick Ryan
Steve Conrad         7pm Fri.Draw
 • Housewreckers
 Kansas City
Heidi Matthews
Mary Miller
Kandi Hardt
Jill Schaefer          7pm Fri.Draw
• Get Hammered
 Kansas City
Kurt McGuff
Mark Rotert
Michael Froeschl
Sara McGuff           9pm Fri.Draw
  Curling Hogs
 Arkansas, Hollywood
Bruce Futterer (Ak)
Mark Curtis (Ak)
Jim Gately (Ak)
John Hess (Ho)     
 7pm Fri.Draw
 Neon Rocks
 Dallas / Ft. Worth
Steve Walton
David Chang
Ryan Metcalf
Nick Scarlata         9pm Fri.Draw
• Sweeping Penguins
 Kansas City, Denver
Don Baker (Ka)
Kyle Baker (Ka)
Derrick Mahoney (Ka)
Chris Nazar (De)     5pm Fri.Draw
  USA Curling Presidents
 Madison, Poynette, Fargo
Mark Swandby (Ma)
David Carlson (Ma)
Mark Kretzmann (Po)
Chris Sjue (Fa)       5pm Fri.Draw
 Why Knott Curl?
  Dallas / Ft. Worth
Jeff Knott
Liana Knott
John Lambert
Carrie Scarlata        5pm Fri.Draw
 Rocks Anonymous
 Kansas City
Tracy Cunningham
Matt Mayfield
Kelly Cunningham
Patrick Weitekamp  7pm Fri.Draw
 Kleppe and Sons
 Dallas / Ft. Worth
Don Kleppe
Stephen Kleppe
Justin Donaldson
Allison Peterson     5pm Fri.Draw
 Skip To My Lu
 Olive Branch
Evan Lu
Tad McElroy
Lindsay Culp
Ryan Stringer         9pm Fri.Draw
 Trae's Amigos
Ryan McGhee
Rusty Fees
Mark Ngo
Trae Schwabe         9pm Fri.Draw
 • The DJ's
 Kansas City
Dan White
Dave Huyett
Jeff Miles
Jeff Grobe                9pm Fri.Draw
 Sesame Street Maulers
Aaron Horowitz
Jonathan Horowitz
Steve Kordek
Christine Blakey   3pm Fri.Draw
 Arctic growlers
Jeremy Witzke
Kristy Witzke
Nick Meyers
Brandon Schafer    5pm Fri.Draw
 Strange Sheet
Chris Strange
Angela Strange
Christa Alderman
David Alderman       5pm Fri.Draw
•   We Will Rock You
 Kansas City
Anne Barthel
Julie Stengle
Kristen Regehr
Doug Hill                  9pm Fri.Draw
 Watch Your Butts
Kansas City,  Rolla (MO), Waltham
Andrew Gordon (KC)
Joe Ketcherside (KC)
Darin Traff (Wa)
Dave Arnold (Ro)    5pm Fri.Draw
 We Swept With Your Mom
 Kansas City
Nathan Navrat
Dan English
Mike Simpson
Stephen Davis        5pm Fri.Draw
 Holy Sheet
Kansas City, Charotte/Toronto 
Lyle Semchyshyn (KC)
Curtis Mullen (KC)
Susan MacIsaac (To)
Barry Klein (To)       9pm Fri.Draw
• Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
 Kansas City
Doug Owens
Nate Clevenger
Mike Wimpy
Wayne Osborn      3pm Fri.Draw
 We're going overseas to Mexico
Aaron Wishart
Erik Siefkes
Laura Siefkes
Rachael Dermody   9pm Fri.Draw
▣ Cream
Tylor Jones
Dylan Smith
Howard Bartholomay
Kalen Kraatz        5pm Fri.Draw